plans & policies

This page hosts both required plans and supplemental plans that FAST Planning produces for the Metropolitan Planning Area.

under review

The Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #5 is now out for public comment. The public comment period will run until January 21, 2022. Please submit any comments you may have using the form below. You may also mail your comments to FAST Planning at 100 Cushman Street, Suite 205, Fairbanks, AK 99701 or call us at (907) 205-4276.

approved plans

The long-range, 20-year Metropolitan Transportation Plan (including appendices)

Site-specific design recommendations for Green Infrastructure facilities that are suited to Fairbanks

Targets an improved non-motorized transportation network to achieve the region’s vision for a pedestrian & bicycle network that provides safe transportation options to our residents & visitors. Updated 2021.

Updated 06/29/21
(Admin Mod #4)
The short-range, project funding Transportation 
Improvement Program

Design toolkit & site specific recommendations

Unified Planning Work Program; the FAST Planning staff work plan

Sets the procedures that we use to engage residents in long-range transportation planning in a meaningful way

Developed with DOT&PF to identify & design relevant infrastructure improvements & policy changes to improve freight mobility in the region

Addresses road/rail crossings elements for increased safety and efficiency.



approved policies

Ensures the emphasis on connectivity for all users & all modes of transportation

Encourages the use of Green Infrastructure facilities as part of urban street design to retain, treat, & reduce storm-water runoff

Supports planning efforts to provide an integrated transportation & land use system that stimulates smart economic growth.

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