metropolitan transportation plan

This document provides the results of the air quality conformity analysis for the 2045 MTP with respect to Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emission budgets in conformance with the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the PM2.5 Non-Attainment Area.

Appendices available by request.
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What is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are federally required to produce a 20-year long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and update it regularly to comply with the “continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive” (3-C) planning process.

Ultimately, an approved MTP should describe the existing Fairbanks urbanized area transportation system, outline potential future needs of the community, and summarize planned projects to meet those needs. The MTP should include project costs and planned timeframes of implementation.

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