metropolitan transportation plan update

Over time, FAST Planning hopes to broaden transportation options for Fairbanksans.
We’ve been working with Kittleson & Associates to update our Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

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What Is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are federally required to produce a 20-year long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and update it regularly to comply with the “continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive” (3-C) planning process. This plan guides transportation network improvements for motor vehicles, transit, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized users. It lays out a long-range vision for the transportation system in the urbanized area of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, including Fairbanks and North Pole.

Ultimately, an approved MTP should describe the existing Fairbanks urbanized area transportation system, outline potential future needs of the community, and summarize planned projects to meet those needs. The MTP should include project costs and planned timeframes of implementation.

What’s the Process?

First, we’ll take inventory of what the community currently has and uses in terms of transportation infrastructure. We find information like this in current plans, systemwide safety/facility analyses, and input from agencies, community partners, and YOU!  

Next, all of this input gets organized into goals and objectives that aim to accomplish a community-determined vision. New projects, programs, and policies are then recommended as means to address the issues and priorities determined from the vision, goals, and objectives.

The plan’s recommendations are then prioritized for funding opportunities by FAST Planning and other local agencies. Soon, you get to experience an improved network!

Public Comment Period – scheduled to open November 2022

If you read the plan and have general comments about it, fill out this comment form and send them our way!

If you read the plan and have project-specific comments, put them on the interactive project map!

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