non-motorized plan update

Over time, FAST Planning hopes to broaden transportation options for Fairbanksans by amplifying the concept of transportation independence. To achieve that, we are currently updating our Non-Motorized Plan in collaboration with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

What Is a Non-Motorized Plan?

A Non-Motorized Plan guides transportation network improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized users. It pinpoints what’s not working in the existing system, identifies the community’s goals, and creates short- to long-term project plans.

The purpose of this plan is to determine wise transportation investments for the community with a connection to goals outlined in our other plans. It also lays out a framework to connect routes for those traveling without the use of a vehicle.

What’s the Process?

First, we’ll take inventory of what the community currently has and uses. We find information like this in current plans, systemwide safety/facility analyses, and input from agencies, community partners, and YOU (see below)!  

Next, all of this input gets organized into goals and objectives that aim to accomplish a community-determined vision. New projects, programs, and policies are then recommended as means to address the issues and priorities determined from the vision, goals, and objectives.

The plan’s recommendations are then prioritized for funding opportunities by FAST Planning and other local agencies. Soon, you get to experience an improved network!

Share Your Thoughts

This comment period is open until May 31st, 2020.

For this plan to properly serve you, we need to know about your experiences as a non-motorized user in the area. We have two important tasks for you!

Please use the interactive map (click the map below) to provide your comments on specific locations and routes, such as difficult crossings, network gaps, and missing links. Then please take our survey (click the green button) on walking and biking around the area.

NOTE: The map and the comment form remain accessible to you outside of the survey. If you think of something you’d like to add to the map after you’ve taken the survey, please come back and add it whenever you can.

You’re welcome to provide any additional comments via the comment box below. Thanks for your input!