public participation plan

The FAST Planning Public Participation Plan is a core document for our organization. This plan highlights the ways in which we strive to connect with the public through standard and robust outreach strategies. Since the plan was last updated in May 2022, some changes have been made, some goals have been met, and some fresh ideas have been added. This means we have a ✨ new ✨ Draft Public Participation Plan out for public comment!

Please submit any comment you may have on our Draft Public Participation Plan using the form below. If you’d prefer, you can also email Olivia Lunsford at or call/text (907) 2 5 1 – 7 two 4 eight.

We are also happy to receive written feedback. You’re welcome to bring any comments by our office at 100 Cushman Street, Suite 205, Fairbanks, AK 99701 or mail them to the same address.

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