FFY2023-27 Transportation Improvement Program

Our Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is getting an update and FAST Planning is seeking your input!

Updated 09/21/2022
(Admin Mod #7)

The TIP budgets four years’ worth of Federal funding that is allocated to Fairbanks and North Pole for local transportation projects, programs, and planning efforts. Funding availability is somewhat limited, as there are existing projects currently in design that will go to construction in 2023 – 2026. But, we are still accepting new project nominations through AUGUST 30TH, 2022.

In addition to project nominations, we are seeking input on a list of previously identified high-priority projects, as well new planning efforts and studies cited in our Unified Planning Work Program, that still await funding.

To learn more about the active projects in our TIP, funding availability for 2023 – 2027, the projects that await funding, and newly proposed planning efforts and studies, click the spreadsheet below.

Click to view the entire Draft FFY2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program

Once you’ve reviewed this information, please submit your new project nomination and/or comments on the existing list of projects, planning efforts, and studies using the form below by AUGUST 30TH, 2022.

Miss the TIP Workshop? Watch it here.

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